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5 Ways to Organize a Small Bathroom

Posted by admin on November 6, 2017


Before you start organizing your bathroom to look like the newest trend on Pinterest, you need to decide what your main focus needs to be on. What all do you need organized? Do you have a bathroom closet? Just to list two of the many preliminary questions that you need to ask yourself. Below are a few helpful storage ideas to help open up some space in your small bathroom.

  • Drawer Organizers. Instead of throwing all of your products into your drawers, install some long runners in your drawers to divide your drawers to hold brushes, makeup, etc.
  • Shelves and Cabinets. If you are limited on cabinets, installing one or two shelves above your toilet will provide extra storage. Or, installing a cabinet above the toilet could be a great addition to your storage for toilet paper, towels, etc.
  • Hanging Caddy. When we think of a hanging caddy for the bathroom, we think of the average metal caddies. However, they aren’t the best choice for getting more space. Using a fabric caddy will allow the caddy to lie flat against the wall and the door of the bathroom, while still offering plenty of space for you to store your toiletries.
  • Small Storage Containers. When shopping in Target’s dollar section, keep an eye open for cute baskets and small storage containers. Not only are they cute, but they make great storage for lipstick, glosses, eye shadows, jewelry, etc.
  • Having a Clean Bathroom. Keeping your bathroom clean will help you keep your bathroom organized. While cleaning, you will be able to see what items you have that are empty, what items are expired, and what items you just don’t need or use anymore.

Your bathroom doesn’t need to be a mansion, but it should still be a quiet sanctuary for you, whether you want to take a hot bubble bath or just use it for five minutes to get ready in the mornings. If you would like a free in home quote, contact Two Ladies and a Mop.