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Cleaning with a Toothbrush

Posted by admin on June 6, 2016

cleaning with toothbrush.jpgA toothbrush can be used for cleaning? That’s right, a toothbrush isn’t only for oral hygiene. We all know that a toothbrush is used to clean your teeth as well as your grout in your shower and kitchen, but most of you didn’t know that it is used for so much more. The following list outlines some useful toothbrush cleaning tricks and tips.

  1. To keep from hurting your fingers when trying to clean the track between a window and its screen, use a toothbrush followed by a vacuum hose.
  2. Make sure to keep a clean/new toothbrush near your kitchen sink to help you clean the following utensils- graters, garlic presses, and slotted spoons.
  3. A toothbrush is a great tool to clean your fingernails. This comes in handy if you are a mechanic or just finished planting your garden.
  4. Combining soapy water or alcohol with a soft toothbrush will clean the hinges and rubber nose pad on your eyeglasses or sunglasses.
  5. Don’t forget that using a toothbrush to clean your jewelry will help keep the soap scum from harming your diamonds and gold.
  6. Keeping your tools, bicycle, and car parts clean will not be an issue if you keep a couple of toothbrushes handy in your garage.
  7. If you like to be outside or have kids that like to play in the mud and dirt, a toothbrush can be your best friend when you are cleaning the threads of their shoes.
  8. Toilet hinges are one of the most hard to reach areas in the bathroom. Using a toothbrush with some cleaner is an easy, great way to get this area clean.
  9.  An older toothbrush is a great way to brush your pets, hamsters, gerbils, etc.
  10. When dying your hair, you can use a toothbrush to help you get closer to your scalp.
  11. And one of our favorite tips, using the toothbrush to remove the silk from ears of corn.

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