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December 2015

Posted by admin on December 1, 2015

Two Ladies and a Mop Christmas Broom.jpgSweeping Solutions

Cleaning should always be done top to bottom. That way, any crumbs or dust that fall to the floor while you're working get picked up last. And believe it or not, there's a right way to sweep. We are going to outline a few things that need to be addressed before you start sweeping and cleaning in and around your home. 

Pick the Right Broom: For indoors, choose one with finer bristles to pick up smaller dirt particles. The smaller brooms will also help keep the dirt from moving out of your dirt pile. They are also great for sweeping spider webs from the ceiling and molding. For outdoors, go for stronger, stiffer bristles, which work better to clear porous surfaces.

Get Swept Away: To sweep, hold the broom like a canoe paddle, with one hand on top of the handle and the other toward the middle. Push your hands in opposite directions to get the most out of every sweeping stroke. Sweep from the outside in so that you don't miss any spots, and move the dirt to the center of the room, where it will be easy to pick up.

Super Storage: Store brooms with the handle down. It makes them easier to find and protects the bristles. Another great way to store your broom is to install the plastic locks in your garage and hang the broom upside down. This keeps your bristles from getting extra dirty or accumulating spider webs and dust. 

Cleaning your Broom: The best way to clean your broom is to use the water hose or the shower to wash away any dust, dirt, or spider webs. You can allow to air dry or you can use a soft towel to remove any extra water. 

Banish Dust Bunnies: Pick the proper dustpan. Minimize that annoying line of dust by choosing a dustpan with a rubber edge. If you are going to be alone when cleaning and can't bend over to hold the dustpan on the ground properly, you can always purchase a dustpan with a long handle so you don't have to bend at all. They also make these with rubber edges for easy cleanup.