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Five Chores Your Kids Can Help With This Summer

Posted by admin on June 29, 2017

5-chores-for-the-summer.jpgSummer is upon us and we need to start giving our kids some household chores to complete during the day. Instead of barking orders at your kids, make their daily chores fun. Below are a few chores for kids to help you with daily.

  1. Meal Prep- Kids can slice vegetables, stir pots, make sandwiches and salads, and fill the water glasses and place them on the dinner table.  Incorporating your kids into this daily routine will help them to feel needed.
  2. Watering plants- A great little chore for your kids, is allowing them to water your indoor and outdoor plants. Some parents allow the children to pick out a few plants that are their own to help show them responsibility.
  3. Getting the mail- To help ensure that your kids are getting a little sun and exercise, have them take a walk to the mail box with you. Allowing them to open the mail box and removing and carrying the mail will make them feel important. A little tip, if your kids have cousins or friends that live out of state, encourage them to write letters to each other. The kids will love getting their own mail.
  4. Unload the dishwasher- Most of us dislike unloading our dishwashers, so why not give it to the kids to do as a chore?  If you have small children, have them unload the plates, bowls and cups. Always have the older kids or yourself handle the silverware and knives to prevent accidents.
  5. Clean their rooms- Most of us have to hound our kids to get their rooms clean, but in the summer setting up a goal after they clean their rooms for a set amount of days in a row seems to help motivate them to stay on top of their daily cleaning. Some parents give the reward of using their electronics and some parents buy physical items for their kids after completing their weekly goals.

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