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Getting Prepped for Your Weekly Cleaning

Posted by admin on March 1, 2016

Home Cleaning Supplies.jpgMost of us don’t think about prepping our homes for our weekly cleanings, but these prep cleanings help you maintain a clean house at all times. The following cleaning tips work best after your house has had a full deep cleaning. 

* Pick a day and time each week to schedule certain cleaning tasks. Make sure you always follow through and keep your scheduled “appointment”. 
* Get every member of the household involved in doing the weekly cleaning. Even the small children can helps out by picking up toys and odd items from the floor. 
* Put on some actual clothes when you are going to clean the house. Staying in your pajamas will mentally slow down the cleaning process. Instead, put on some sneakers and comfy workout clothes. 
* If you plan your cleaning in the morning, make sure to pick up the odd and end items that are on the floor the night before. This will help keep the area manageable and not seem overwhelming. 
* Make sure you keep a check on all of your cleaning supplies. There is nothing worse than starting to clean and realize you are completely out of furniture cleaner, bleach, or mopping solution. 
* Make sure to keep your eye on the end goal, a clean house. Putting on upbeat music has been proven to help keep you focused on the right cleaning track. 

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