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Helping Ourselves Age in America

Posted by admin on February 1, 2016

We live in a world where everyone is busy. We are very mobile and often do not live near family. Our friends are just as busy as we are with work, families, church and chores. It doesn’t matter what age you are.

You and your parents are getting older. They may still be active, minds are sharp and their bodies, while a little slower, are still moving on down the road of life. NOW is the time to start contacting the service people they and you will need when life gets even crazier.  Knee replacement, hip surgery, back issues, stroke, injuries due to falling, heart attack or something long term like cancer, even the death of a spouse. While in the midst of a life changing crises is not when you want to build a close relationship with a service company. Friends and family can help out some but day in and day out long term will be too much for most.

I had to have this talk with my own parents who live out of state. After seeing so many of my customers struggling to set up help after a crisis I knew I had to. They started out with a monthly cleaning service and seasonal yard services. They now have someone to do their floors every week and the entire house cleaned each month. The yard work is all out sourced now. When my father had back surgery, they were able to request services every two weeks on the entire house cleaning and go back to a regular schedule after he recovered. Maybe you will only use a cleaning company twice a year. You can start out as slow as you please. Do just the floors or just the bathrooms. Make it work for your family.

I realize this can be a hard subject to broach. Why not start it as a birthday gift, Mother’s Day or Just Because Day. Call your siblings and go in together to make it more affordable for everyone. The peace of mind is priceless knowing your family is being cared for.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that my parents are using these services.

Of course I want you to call Two Ladies and a Mop, Inc. We would love to help you take care of any cleaning needs you may have. We are bonded and insured, which is very important. We have served the Coweta/Fayette area for almost 15 years. But most of all I want you to seriously consider your family’s needs and be prepared for whatever the future might bring. God Bless.

Donna Lowrance, President

Two Ladies and a Mop, Inc.