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How to Declutter Your Home After Christmas

Posted by admin on January 3, 2017


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but we all accumulate so many new items. It is always a great idea to declutter after each holiday season. Below are a few tips to help you go into the New Year a bit more organized.

  • Get one, toss two. For each gift you were given this Christmas, toss out two counterparts. For example, if the grandparents gave all of the kids a new set of Christmas PJs, toss out the older sets that are too small, but still hiding in the back of the closet.
  • Do the Holiday mailing box challenge. Instead of keeping or recycling all of those shipping boxes you received over Christmas, fill them up with household items and clothing to donate to charities at the end of the year. By donating boxes of items such as books, clothing, toys, linens, etc to charities, you can use them as a tax write off.
  • Observe Oosouji. In Japan as a New Years tradition, Japanese clean their homes from top to bottom. And all businesses sort and organize their offices. They believe removing the dirt from the old year creates a clean state of mind to welcome the New Year.
  • Sort before you stow. Before you take down and store your holiday decorations, take a few minutes to go through them and toss anything that isn’t working, broken, out dated, etc. This will free up storage space.  
  • Send the white elephants on their way. All of the gifts that you received that you will never use, need to be on their way out of the front door. Before you try to find a home for them in your home, come up with a strategy to sort out the white elephant gifts. If you are going to regift a few of these items, you need to make a note with the name of the person you want to give each gift to. This will ensure that you do not gift the item to the person who gave it to you.
  • Create a toy library. A toy library is a set of playthings that still have play value. The toy library items will seem new and exciting if they’re given a rest for a few months, and then brought out to liven up a rainy day.

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