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Quick Tips for a Cleaner Home

Posted by admin on February 28, 2019

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Who doesn’t like having a clean, well-organized home? Today we are going to talk about some quick tips to help you keep your home clean.

  • Get organized. Take the time to have a dedicated place for each item in your home. As soon as you come in the door, hang your jacket up, don’t leave it draped over a chair. Put your laundry away as soon as it’s folded. Do your best to get the kids’ toys put away each day. Keeping everything in its place will help you keep your home cleaner in the long run.
  • Develop a habit. Sit down and make a cleaning schedule. Just 10 minutes a day will help your home remain in a continuously clean state. Don’t try to leave it all to be dealt with once a month or once a quarter.
  • Wipe down surfaces daily. As part of that 10-minutes-a-day habit, be sure you’re wiping off countertops and tables daily. As a bonus, since you’re wiping down these surfaces, you’re forced to deal with any clutter that might be threatening to accumulate on the flat space. This helps you stay on top of that ever-present danger of things piling up where they shouldn’t.
  • Wash dishes as you cook. It’s a huge temptation to leave your pots and pans and dirty dishes in the sink to deal with tomorrow so that you can sit down to your delicious meal and then digest it peacefully. Instead, while you have a few minutes (like when water is boiling), turn your attention to whatever awaits you in the sink and take care of it now. If you keep up with the pace of dirtying the dishes, the only ones you must clean at the end of the night are the ones you ate your dinner on.
  • Do one room at a time. Even with your 10 minutes a day cleaning, you’ll need to do a deep clean occasionally. Your best bet is to choose one room at a time and focus all your energy on making it shine. If you find yourself not having the time to properly deep clean your house, call us at Two Ladies and a Mop so we can handle this for you.
  • Keep cleaning supplies on stock and handy. Instead of keeping everything together under the sink or in a closet, sprinkle your cleaning supplies throughout the house so that whenever you notice something needs cleaning, you can take care of it immediately. For example, keep the toilet cleaner and shower spray in the bathroom instead of under the kitchen sink.

Two Ladies and a Mop offer deep cleaning, weekly cleaning, and bi-weekly cleaning for homes and offices. Give us a call today for a free in-home consultation.