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Salt Tricks

Posted by admin on March 21, 2016

Salt Cleaning Tricks.jpgHave you ever wondered what salt could be used for other than cooking? Well wonder no further. Below we are going to inform you on 5 uses salt has other than for seasoning your food.

  1. When you mix salt with olive oil into a paste, you can use it to remove white marks that have been left by hot or moist items on wood furniture. You apply it directly to the white spot and allow it to sit for an hour before wiping it clean.
  2. Mix salt and buttermilk or lemon juice into a paste and then rub in on any rust or mildew spots. After applying mixture place the item in the sun and then wash to remove.
  3. Mix ½ cup salt per ½ gallon of cool water in a small tub. Place garments with color on them in the tub and allow to sit for an hour before placing in the washing machine.
  4. Salt can be used to polish silver and brass. Mix equal parts salt and flour, then add vinegar to make a paste. Use the mixture to polish the silverware with a soft cloth and rinse and dry well.
  5. Before trying to remove wine from your carpet, blot up as much as you can get with paper towels or a towel. Then generously cover the area with salt. Wait 15 minutes so the salt can absorb the remaining wine, then vacuum or wash the garment with the wine stain.

Using salt is a great inexpensive way to remove those hard stains that would normally ruin furniture, clothing, etc. Contact Two Ladies and a mop for all of your home cleaning needs.