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Things to Clean Before Vacation

Posted by admin on July 30, 2019


Are you planning a last minute vacation before school starts back? You probably have things like holding your mail, renewing passports, buying tickets, packing your bag, and boarding your pets. But before you sail out the door and close your house for an extended period, don’t forget to take care of these essential things to clean. The last thing you want to face when you come home exhausted and exhilarated is a messy, smelly, dirty house. 

1. Clean out the refrigerator 
Toss out any expired items or produce that will go bad while you’re gone. If you’re feeling extra energetic, double down and clean out the entire inside by removing items shelf by shelf, thoroughly cleaning the area, and then replacing them. This forces you to touch each item and evaluate whether it stays or goes. Use your best judgment about what to toss. In general, get rid of produce and milk. Your other perishables (butter, cheese, eggs) should be fine for a week or so.  

2. Take out the trash 
Now that your trash bin is brimming with nearly-expired food from cleaning out the refrigerator, you don’t want it sitting out for a week or so. Roam through the house and collect all the garbage, then put it outside in your trash bins so it can be collected as scheduled.  

3. Do the laundry 
When you get home, you’re going to have a few loads of laundry to dump into the washer, so be sure to clear out whatever lingers in the laundry room right now.  

4. Wipe all countertops and sweep floors 
You want to be extra careful that you’re not leaving crumbs around that might attract any bugs or vermin. So wipe down all your kitchen countertops and sweep or vacuum the floors. 

5. Do the dishes 
Another area that could attract critters is a sink filled with dirty dishes. So load them up in your dishwasher and run it before you leave, or hand wash them. 

6. Clean the toilet 
Pour your favorite cleaner in the toilet and give it a good scrub. Give the toilet an extra flush or two to be sure that there is nothing lingering in the pipes before you leave. 

7. Change the beds 
It will be such a treat to come home to fresh bed linens, so why not set yourself up for that pleasure? Strip your old bed sheets, launder them, and put fresh sheets on the bed to await your exhausted, travel-weary arrival home. 

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