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Things to Do Before Moving Out of Your House

Posted by admin on July 28, 2017

moving out.jpgDid you just purchase a new home? If so, it’s time to start packing, cleaning, and organizing for the big move. Before you panic, read the following helpful tips.

  • Two months before you move out. Start purging odd and ends from your home. This is the perfect time to donate, sell, or get rid of old knick-knacks, papers, furniture you no longer use, etc. And if you are able to, use the two-month window to do some measurements in your new home to get a sense of what larger items you need to take with you and what needs to be sold or donated.
  • Six weeks before you move out. This is the time you need to start using all of your perishable foods and goods. The less you have to pack and move, the cheaper your move will be. Also, now is the time to start making a list of all of the supplies you will need for the move- boxes, tape, markers, and bubble wrap.
  • One month before moving out. It’s packing time! Always pack your lesser used items first, cooking appliances, framed photos, and decorations. Don’t forget to label each box on all sides and the top; this will be very helpful when you unload your moving truck. Another great tip, start changing your address for your bills, monthly subscriptions, and miscellaneous mail.
  • One week before you move out. It’s your final week, it’s time to start defrosting your freezer and packing all of your valuables. You will also want to contact Two Ladies and a Mop to do a deep cleaning on both homes. You want to deep clean the new home so it is all ready for you and your belongings to move in without worrying about the germs of the previous owners. And you want to deep clean your old house to get it ready and make it inviting to the new homeowners.

Two Ladies and a Mop offer free in home quotes on all cleaning. We provide weekly or bi weekly cleaning for your new home, deep cleaning for moving in or out, and everything in between.