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Tips to Make Cleaning Your Bathroom Easier

Posted by admin on May 31, 2018


Cleaning your bathroom can be a daunting task for some, but we are going to walk you through how to clean your bathroom with ease. First thing is to take a deep breath, place your trash can outside the door, and have all of your cleaning tools and products handy.

Bathtub- take everything out of the bathtub and set them on the floor. Clean the shower walls with an all-purpose cleaner and a brush. Leave the walls unrinsed. Sprinkle powdered cleaner into the tub. Using your brush, scrub the tub starting at the end furthest from the drain. I like to use a small handled brush for smaller areas that have a tighter fit. Once the whole tub is foamy, it’s time to rinse. Start with the shower walls and work your way down.

Sink- wet the bowl of your sink and use an all-purpose cleaner to scrub the inside of the sink. Let the cleaner sit while you clean the faucet and outer area of the sink. Using a small brush, spray your all-purpose cleaner and scrub the outside rim and faucet knobs. Rinse the entire sink when everything is clean and soapy.

Toilet- Sprinkle powdered cleaner in and around your toilet. Take your toilet brush and work from the top of the bowl to the bottom, moving in circular motion and cleaning as deep into the bowl as you can reach. Shake off the toilet brush and flush the cleaner. Now it’s time to clean the tank and base of the toilet. Spray your all-purpose cleaner on the tank, underside of the lid, and the base of the toilet. Using a cloth and warm water, wipe the entire toilet down from top to bottom.

Mirror- clean left to right, top to bottom. Spray it lightly with window cleaner and wipe until dry and streak free.

Door and door frame- using your all-purpose cleaner and cloth, wipe down your door frame and door to remove any built-up dirt, hair care products, etc.

Floor- the floor should be your final step when cleaning your bathroom. Take several cloths and spray them with your cleaner and start wiping the floor from the furthest corner, working your way on your hands and knees towards the door. As you pick up hair and debris, fold the cloth to trap them. Make a bundle of all of your dirty cloths and throw them in the washer. You’re done!

Keeping your bathroom clean is a weekly chore that doesn’t need to be neglected. Bathrooms are a breeding ground for bacteria. In between your weekly maintenance, you will need to deep clean your bathroom to keep it sanitized. Give Two Ladies and a Mop a call to schedule your free consultation. Our ladies work hard so you don’t have to.