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What You Can Expect from Your House Cleaner

Posted by admin on July 2, 2018

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Hiring a housekeeper doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some common housekeeping duties you can expect from your house cleanersHiring a house cleaner is one way that families can lighten their load and get some extra help around the house. But what exactly can you expect from your house cleaner? And how do you go about hiring one that fits your needs and lifestyle? The first step is understanding what the most common house cleaner duties are, and then tailoring those to create an effective house cleaning schedule. 

What Duties Can You Expect Your House Cleaners to Complete and Manage? 

  • Tidy up bedrooms and living spaces. Some people will do some light tidying up before their house cleaner arrives (putting toys away, putting laundry in the hamper, straightening up the office, etc). This allows the house cleaner to focus on more involved tasks in each room. 

  • Clean the floors, which should include sweeping and mopping hardwood or tile floors and vacuuming carpets and rugs throughout the home. 

  • Clean the bathrooms, including toilets, wiping down counters, cleaning mirrors, and scrubbing tubs and showers. 

  • Clean the kitchen, including wiping down counters and appliances, cleaning the sink, and wiping down cabinet doors. 

  • Dusting, which should include all rooms and surfaces. 

  • Empty trash cans throughout the home and dispose of trash in a sanitary manner. 

4 Duties You Shouldn’t Expect Your Housekeeper to Complete 

  • Lift heavy objects or move furniture. Generally, most house cleaners won’t attempt to lift or move anything over 35 pounds. You want to make sure their safety and physical abilities are the priority, so don’t ask your house cleaners to rearrange your living room or move a safe into the attic. 

  • Wash outside windows or climb anything taller than a stepstool. If you have high windows or surfaces in your home that need attention, you’ll want to hire a service that has the right equipment and insurance to do that. Remember, you’re responsible for the safety of anyone who works in your home and are liable for any injuries that occur while completing duties assigned to them. Limit your liability and ensure the safety of your domestic employees by hiring companies to handle the big stuff. 

  • Clean up human waste. There have been many instances of house cleaners who’ve gotten sick from mishandling human waste, and that’s a danger you don’t want to expose anyone to. Again, hire a company that specializes in waste removal, if necessary. 

  • Childcare. If you’re looking for someone to complete all these house cleaning duties AND watch your children, then you may want to consider hiring a live-in domestic employee or nanny. 

Hiring a house cleaner to work in your home can be an easy process, so long as you’re crystal-clear on your expectations of housekeeper duties and qualifications. Contact Two Ladies and a Mop to schedule a free consultation.