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Will Your Holiday Table have Salmonella on it?

Posted by admin on December 5, 2016

Salmonella.jpgAccording to the Center of Disease Control, over 40,000 people each year get salmonella poisoning. Salmonella can spread to areas in your home, especially in your kitchen, by simply not washing your hands properly, not cleaning your counters with a strong disinfectant, or by touching raw, unwashed meat before touching veggies. However, with the following simple steps, salmonella can be avoided. 

  • After you are finished cutting up your raw meat for your meals, wipe up any leftover blood or juice from the meat. Wash the cutting board and counter with hot water mixed with soap and a disinfectant of your choice.  Do not use the same sponge or wash cloth as you use when washing dishes.
  • Always use two cutting boards when cutting up meat and vegetables. Wash all of your cutting boards with hot soapy water in between each use. Remember to never cut raw veggies on the same cutting board as the raw meat.
  • Don’t get raw meat juices on your cleaning sponges. The sponge will trap all germs in its fibers and transfer them to other areas in your kitchen. If you happen to get raw juices on your sponge, rinse the sponge with hot water and then microwave the sponge for one minute.
  • Every time you handle raw meat, remember to wash your hands with hot soapy water for at least one whole minute. Be sure to scrub under your fingernails with the hot soapy water before rinsing your hands.
  • Wash all utensils after they have touched the raw meat. This also goes for plates, platters, and bake ware.
  • Never store raw meat above any other item in the refrigerator, always place it in a wrapped dish on the bottom shelf. This ensures that you won’t contaminate any other food if the raw meat were to leak in the fridge.

Two Ladies and a Mop want you and your family safe this Holiday Season. Please be cautious when you are cooking your meat this season. Always remember to wash your hands and prepping area with hot soapy water and a mild disinfectant. Give Two Ladies and a Mop a call for all of your holiday and post holiday cleaning.