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Your Holiday Cleaning List to Prepare for Guests

Posted by admin on December 4, 2017


To ensure your holiday cleaning is complete, follow this cleaning list guide.

  • Entryway. Make sure you have dusted all surfaces, polished doorknobs, and decorate with seasonal items. The entryway is the first room your guests will enter and you want to immediately put them in the holiday spirit.
  • Coat closet. Make sure to have extra hangers in your coat closet because your guests will need a place to hang all of their outerwear.
  • Guest room. Double check to be sure that you have clean linens and towels in your guest rooms, just in case you have someone stay overnight.
  • Refrigerator. Go through your refrigerator and make sure that all the old food has been thrown out. You want to make sure you have enough room for leftovers and any food your guests will be bringing.
  • Garbage disposal. To cut down on odors, give your disposal a little extra attention. Chop up a whole lemon and let the disposal do the work. Also, you can throw in some ice cubes to help sharpen the disposal blades.
  • Oven/ stove. Deep clean the inside of your oven and the top of your stove to make sure there are no lingering smells or tastes from other dishes previously cooked.
  • Trash cans. Disinfect and clean the inside of your trashcans with hot, soapy water that also includes bleach or another disinfectant.
  • Furniture. If you have a large family or a lot of friends and family coming over, make sure to move your furniture around before your guests arrive. Also, be sure to vacuum and dust the areas you moved your furniture from.

This holiday clean list is here to help eliminate a little chaos of having friends and family gathering, allowing you to focus on what’s most important. To future help, prepare and cook a few dishes ahead of time and them.

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